I create my jewelry for creative independent spirits. I bring calm, love, and thoughtfulness to each piece I design. Curating gemstone stories is a beautiful process. Each piece has something unique to say. While creating I am mindful of the long journey each stone has made to end up in my hands. I am in awe in the earth’s ability to grow these unique creatures. I think of all the elements that had to align for the earth to create each stone. I imagine all that the ancient stone has seen. The millions of years spent beneath the earths crust forming, growing, breaking down, and reforming as something new. I think of each person who has touched the stone. My mind is occupied by curiosity. How has that stone affected their life? Did it bring them abundance, joy, gratitude? 


I hope as you wear one of my pieces you feel this same curiosity. I also hope the spark of mindfulness spreads to other aspects of your life. While shopping at the grocery store, relaxing at home, walking to work, or ordering your morning coffee. Imagine how all the things around you came to exist and who participated in making that happen.


My ultimate goal is to bring more mindfulness to the world through jewelry.


All of my findings are hand formed and hand hammered by me. I use sterling silver and gold fill wire. I weave my necklaces out of s-lon, a super strong durable nylon thread. I finish my necklaces with a slip-knot. This gives the wearer the ability to adjust the length of the necklace. This is very useful when layering with other necklaces or adjusting length for different necklines. 


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Thank you for being here. I genuinely appreciate it… and you!